Academic Senate Agenda


October 17, 2006


3:00 PM


Faculty Resource Center Training Room, Library



I.††††††††† Call to Order


II. †††††† Adopt Agenda


III. ††††† Public Comments


IV. ††††† Presidentís Report:


V.††††† Student Senate Report


VI.              Classified Senate Report


VII.           HCFA President Report


VIII.        Action Items

††††††††††† A.Student Policy Review Committee New Recommendations


IX. Discussion/Information Items

  1. Appropriate Library Use Resolution
  2. Board Policy 2005 Resolution
  3. Shared Governance Committees Resolution
  4. Senate 2006/2007Goals Discussion

a.       Student success and retention

b.      Information competency

c.       Budget planning and priorities

d.      Accreditation minority report

e.       Shared governance committee appointments and responsibilities

f.        Clarification of academic hiring process


X. Announcements


XI. Adjournment