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Academic Senate
Academic Senate Agenda

October 11, 2005

3:00 PM, Annex

I.                   Call to Order: Meeting will call to order at 3:00 PM.

II.                Adopt Agenda

III.             Approve Minutes

IV.              Treasurer’s Report

V.                 Public Comments (three minutes each)

VI.              President’s Report

VII.           First Vice President’s Report

VIII.        Committee Reports (three minutes max/per committee): Accreditation, Steering, Budget, Career Preparation, College Council, Curriculum, Diversity, Facilities Planning, Faculty Hiring, Institutional Planning, Matriculation, Program & Services Review, Staff Development, Student Policies Review, Technology Planning, Tenure.

IX.              ASHC Report

X.                HCFA Report

XI.              Discussion/Information Items (10 minutes max/each)

A.     Update on Information Competency: J. Fellguth, K. Locke, C. O’Donnell

B.     Accreditation Standard 1 Focus Group:  M. Reeve

C.     Scenario 7 (from “Scenarios to Illustrate Effective Participation in District & College Governance”):  L. Estrella

D.     One Additional Faculty Member on Curriculum Committee

XII.           Action Items

A.     Approve faculty peers for evaluation process


Robert Barminski – faculty peer: Lawrence Yee

Chuck Beals – faculty peer: Phil Stoddard

Leticia Contreras – faculty peer:  Kelly Locke

Alex Edens – faculty peer:  Ann Wright

Jeff Hughey – faculty peer: Ann Wright

Susie Hovde – faculty peer: Lawrence Yee

Mohammad Hussain – faculty peer: Greg Perkins

Pimol Moth – faculty peer: Jesse Cude

Greg Perkins – faculty peer: Jesse Cude

James Riley – faculty peer: Kelly Locke

Phil Stoddard – faculty peer:  Ron Bates

Diane Salomone -- faculty peer:  Ann Wright

Deb Kazmar -- faculty peer:  Melissa Stave

Rachel Fialano – faculty peer: Melissa Stave

Mary Cousineau – faculty peer: Susie Hovde

Barbara Durham – faculty peer: Bill Fellner

Nancy Shure – faculty peer: Ed Mercurio

Jenean Whitmore – faculty peer: Susie Hovde


Theresa Carbajal– faculty peer:  Maria Castillo

Millicent Madrigal– faculty peer:  Theresa Carbajal

Mitzi Nohr– faculty peer:  Theresa Carbajal

Jeff Roth– faculty peer:  Stelvio Locci

LaVerne Cook– faculty peer:  Ignacio Pando

Aron Szamos– faculty peer:  Alison Paul

Tony Anderson– faculty peer: Ignacio Pando


Bill Rawson—faculty peer:  Jennifer Lagier Fellguth

B.       Cal Works Program Plan:  J. Roth

C.       Student Policies Review Committee:  Appointment

D.      Pay for Print: L. Estrella

XIII.        Announcements

XIV.        Adjournment

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