Academic Senate Agenda


March 13 , 2007

3:00 PM,

Faculty Resource Center Training Room in Library


  1. Call to Order

  2. Adopt Agenda

  3. Approve Minutes

A.     Minutes of Jan. 30 and Feb. 27, 2007 meetings

  1. Public Comments

  2. President’s Report

  3. Student Senate Report

  4. Classified Senate Report

  5. HFCA President’s Report

  6. Committee Reports

  7. Action Items
  1. Accreditation Minority Report
    Academic Senate response to the accreditation self-study
  2. Instructional Planning & Growth
    proposal to review the role of committees and the state of shared governance at Hartnell
  3. Appointments to Committees,
    Faculty Hiring Committee--Melissa Stave, Liz Estrella, Susan Hovde
    Diversity Committee--LeeAnn Emanuel, Liz Estrella
    Matriculation Committee--Wayne Davis, Stelvio Locci, Tony Anderson
    Staff Development Committee—Hetty Yelland

  1. Discussion/Information Items

1.      Departmental Move policy
Currently students can make a departmental move at any time in the semester with only the signature of the instructor they are adding.  Should there be policies about when or how this can occur and how the instructors will coordinate regarding grade for work done in previous course?

2.      The Disciplines List (State Minimum Qualifications Document)
What is it, how does it work, the revision process and timeline

  1.  Announcements
  2. Adjournment