Academic Senate Agenda

May 9 , 2006

3:00 PM, Annex


I. Call to Order: Meeting will call to order at 3:00 PM.

II. Adopt Agenda

III. Approve Minutes

IV. Public Comments (three minutes each)

V. President’s Report

VI. First Vice President’s Report

VII. Committee Reports (three minutes max/per committee)

VIII. Action Items

A. Election of Officers for 2006-2007

IX. Discussion/Information Items (10 minutes max/each)

A. Resolution 2.06, Processes for Institutional Planning and Budget Development
B. Information Competency
C. New English and Math Requirements from the statewide Academic Senate
D. Accreditation Self-Study
E. Constitution and Bylaws
F Student Policy Review Committee New Recommendations:

  1. Student Rights & Responsibilities and Grievance Procedures
  2. Incomplete Grade
  3. Basic Skills Pre-Collegiate Course Limitation
  4. Repetition of Course
  5. Animal Control Policy
  6. Dress Regulation Policy
G. Recording of Classes and Faculty Rights

X. Announcements

A. Institutional Planning Committee Recommendations for 2006-07 Planning & Budgeting Priorities

XI. Adjournment