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Academic Senate: Constitution

Academic Senate Constitution

Amended September 25, 2007

The organization shall be known as the Hartnell College Academic Senate (hereinafter referred to as the Senate).


2.1. In accordance with Title 5, section 53200-53205, California Administrative Code, the Senate shall be the recognized representative of the faculty to the administration and governing board of the Hartnell Community College District concerning academic and professional matters and shall participate in the formation and revision of District policies and procedures in all matters of an academic and professional nature.
2.2. The purpose of this Senate shall be:
2.2.1. To promote the general welfare of the Hartnell Community College District and its faculty.
2.2.2. To work toward the development and improvement of professional standards.
2.2.3. To represent the faculty in making recommendations to the administration of the college and the district's Board of Trustees with respect to academic and professional matters.
2.2.4. To provide for continuous study of faculty and college problems.

3.1. The electorate for full-time faculty shall be composed of those certificated employees who teach full-time and other full- time certificated employees who do not perform any services for the college that are administrative or supervisory in nature. Full- time employees shall be defined as those certificated employees having contracts of sixty percent (60%) or more.
3.2. The electorate for part-time faculty shall be composed of those certificated employees who teach a minimum of 3 hours/units up to a maximum of 8 hours/units per semester and other part-time certificated employees who do not perform any services for the college that are administrative or supervisory in nature. Part- time employees shall be defined as those certificated employees who are teaching a minimum of 3 hours/units up to a maximum of 8 hours/ units per semester and other part-time certificated employees who
do not perform any services for the college that are administrative
or supervisory in nature.

4.1. The following shall make up the membership of the Senate:
4.1.1. All elected and appointed Senate officers.
4.1.2. A minimum of one member from each Division:

  • Counseling
  • Fine Arts/Language Arts/Social Sciences
  • Library
  • Mathematics/Science
  • Occupational Education
  • Physical Education/Athletics/Health Education A Division shall be entitled to a second Senate seat when the number of full time faculty members reaches eleven at the beginning of the Fall semester. A third Senate seat shall be allocated when the number of full-time faculty members in a Division reaches twenty-one at the beginning of the Fall semester.
1-10 full time faculty = one Senate Seat
11-20 full time faculty = two Senate Seats
21-30 full time faculty = three Senate Seats In the event that a majority of the faculty in a Division request and ratify the desire for a Senate seat to be shared, an election for a shared seat shall occur with the next vacancy.
4.1.3. President of the Hartnell College Faculty Association, ex-officio, non-voting.
4.1.4. Presidents of other recognized organizations on campus, ex-officio, non-voting.
4.1.5. Any elected officer of the Statewide Academic Senate.
4.1.6. One representative of the part-time faculty, elected at large by the part-time faculty.
4.2. Senate members shall serve terms of two years, with one-half of the members being replaced each year. Senators may be re- elected.
4.3. Declaring a Senate seat vacant:
4.3.1. A Senate seat may be declared vacant for the remainder of the academic term when the Senator is absent for three consecutive meetings or a total of five meetings over a two-year period.
4.3.2. Any Senator that qualifies under 4.3. above shall be removed from office by a majority vote of the Senate at any regular Senate meeting.
4.3.3. A Senate seat shall be declared vacant when a written resignation is received by the Senate President from a Divisional Senator.
4.3.4. If a Division Senate seat is declared vacant, the Division Dean shall be notified and requested to hold an election at the next meeting of that Division.
4.3.5. In the event a special election is held in a Division, the new Senator will complete the unexpired term of the Senator he or she is replacing.
4.4. The Senate seat of the part-time faculty member shall be declared vacant at the time when the elected representative is no longer teaching 3 to 8 hours/units within a semester.
4.5. Should a Senator be unable to attend Senate meetings because of a conflict, the member may request in writing to the Steering Committee that it request a special divisional election to serve the duration of the special situation. Such requests must be made prior to reaching the maximum absences permitted in 4.3.
4.6. The Senate may call upon the faculty for the payment of professional dues.

5.1. The officers of the Senate shall be a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, and a Secretary/Treasurer. The officers of the Senate shall be selected only from the full-time faculty as defined in Article 3. These officers shall perform the duties as prescribed by this Constitution and By-laws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Senate.
5.2. The election of Senate officers shall be in compliance with Article 6.2.
5.3. The duties of Senate officers are delineated in the Bylaws, Article 1.
5.4. Recall of Senate Officers:
5.4.1. Upon written petition to the Steering Committee by at least five Senators or 10% of the full-time faculty, a recall election shall be held by secret ballot at the next scheduled meeting of the Senate.
5.4.2. A two-thirds vote of the Senate will be required to recall an officer.
5.4.3. In cases of recall, a special election will be held to fill any vacancies created.

Election Procedures
6.1. Election of members of the Senate:
6.1.1. The Senate President shall notify each division dean in April for the need of Senate elections and how many seats are to be vacated. The division election should be held no later than May 10th.
6.1.2. The new Senator will not be seated until a valid election has been held and the ballots from the election are certified by the Steering Committee.
6.1.3. A Division election shall be deemed valid when held during a Division meeting that has been called in compliance with the Faculty Association/District contract. A simple majority of the votes cast shall constitute winning the seat.
6.1.4. The new Senator will assume office the first regular meeting of the Fall semester.
6.2. Election of Senate Officers:
6.2.1. A nominating committee for Senate officers will be approved by the Senate at the first regular meeting in March.
6.2.2. The candidates for President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer shall be selected only from the full-time Senate faculty members. The slate of candidates shall be announced at the second regular meeting in April. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the Senate at that time.
6.2.3. The election of officers shall be conducted at the first regular meeting in May. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the ballots cast by Senators attending the meeting.
6.2.4. New officers shall assume office July 1st following the elections. No officer may serve as a divisional representative. In the event that the new officer(s) have unexpired terms as divisional representatives, their positions shall be filled in accordance with Article 6.
6.2.5. The President may serve no more than two consecutive one-year terms. All other officers are eligible for re- election
6.3. Election of Part-time faculty Senator:
6.3.1. Election of the part-time faculty member of the Senate shall be conducted during the month of September or as needed to fill the vacant seat.
6.3.2. Part-time faculty, as defined in Article 3, shall be eligible to vote for the part-time faculty representative.

Steering Committee
7.1. The Steering Committee shall consist of the: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and one senator elected from the Senate at large. The Immediate Past President shall only serve for the first year immediately following his/her presidency.
7.2. The Steering Committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Senate between its business meetings, fix the hour and place of meetings, make recommendations to the Senate, set the agenda for Senate meetings, and perform other duties as specified in the Bylaws (Article 3) and as directed by the Senate.

8.1. In all matters of internal functioning not covered by this Constitution, the Senate shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order, latest revised edition.
8.2. The Senate shall hold regular meetings, not less than once a month on a fixed day and time, from the beginning to the end of the academic year. The time and date shall be established by the President in consultation with the Steering Committee. Notices for all Senate meetings will be posted in accordance with the Brown Act.
8.3. Special meetings of the Senate may be called at the discretion of the President or when requested in writing by five members of the Senate with appropriate notification per the Brown Act.
8.4. A simple majority of the Senate membership shall be considered a quorum.
8.5. Items may be placed on the agenda of the Senate by any faculty member or Senator through the Steering Committee at its regular meeting.
8.6. Senate meetings are open to all members of the electorate and the general public. Only members of the Senate possess a vote. Visitors, guests and faculty members may speak either at the time designated as comments from the public or on an action item at the time of discussion of the item. The speaker must be recognized by the President and a time limit may be placed prior to speaking.

Senate Committees
9.1. The standing committees of the Senate shall be:

Steering Committee (membership/duties described in Article 7)
Nominations and Elections Committee
Library Committee

9.2.The Senate shall confirm the faculty appointments to all standing, governance and selection committees.
9.2.1. Nominations for governance and standing
Committees shall be made by the President in consultation with the Steering committee.
9.2.2. Nominations of faculty for selection committees shall be in accordance with the Bylaws, Article 2.
9.2.3. Faculty other than Senators may be appointed to committees and task forces.

Amendment of the Constitution
10.1. The Constitution can be amended by a 60 percent affirmative vote of the full-time faculty, providing written notice of any proposed amendment was filed with the Senate President at least two weeks preceding the balloting. Copies of the proposed changes must be sent to the faculty at least one week prior to a written, secret ballot.

Hartne11 Co11ege Academic Senate constitution Apri1 8, 1997