From: Liz Estrella, President

To: Hartnell College, Faculty

Re: Academic Senate End of the Year Report 2005-2006

First of all thank-you to all the Senators and Officers who have been involved in the Academic Senate this year, and especially my appreciation goes to Margaret Mayfield and Kelly Locke. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

There are a number of activities in the Academic Senate this year. Especially in Fall Semester:

  1. Academic Senate Orientation was conducted by Kelly Locke for all members of the Academic Senate
  2. All Senate Members received copies of the Constitution and By-Laws, Information on Title V, Handout regarding CEO salaries.
  3. A proposal was made to offer to the Hartnell College Board of Trustees a workshop on shared governance and accepted in Fall semester 2005 but has yet to be scheduled.
  4. Academic Senate website was updated with all agendas, minutes, constitution and by-laws, Resolutions.
  5. Goals for 2005-2006 were set.
  6. Senate Highlights were restored providing faculty with highlights of Senate meetings a few days at the conclusion of the meetings.
  7. Curriculum Committee membership was modified to include the Director of Enrollment Services as a voting member and the addition of another faculty member.
  8. Resolution 1.05 was passed asking for a change in Board Policy 2005 that added the sentence: “The Board reserves the right not to accept recommendations.” The addition did not go through mutual agreement and therefore the Board Policy should not have been amended. This resolution was brought to the attention of the President of Hartnell College but not resolved although several meetings were made to discuss the issue. A memo went to the President offering suggestions from other colleges regarding wording. No response at this time.
  9. The CalWorks Program Plan & the Matriculation plan was discussed and approved.
  10. Academic Senate budget was discussed
  11. Larry Carrier reported on the Budget Committee stating Hartnell has a $4.2 million in reserve.
  12. Frustration over the Shared Governance committee was discussed as the committees meet but mutual agreements with only a few of them. Many of them and in particular the Budget Committee never reach mutual agreement with the Academic Senate. Frustrations were brought to the College Council who conducted a review the Committee handbook.
  13. There were many discussions including the following items:
    o Equity for All
    o Pay for Print
    o Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
    o Quotation for the new library
    o Distance Education
    o CurricUNET
    o Information Competency
    o Accreditation Standard 1
    o Campus Change Network
    o Scenarios to Illustrate Effective Participation in District & College Governance
    o Tillery Team
    o Hybrid courses and the need for definitions and clarifications
    o Goals to work on with Dr. Valeau
    There were not necessarily conclusive discussions. Questions may remain regarding some of these items.
  14. The following Committee Reports were offered. It is good to note that although reports were given, it is not assumed that mutual agreements were made during these reports:
    o Facilities Planning Dr. Stan Crane
    o Program and Services Review Dr. Allan Hoffman
    o Sabbatical Leave Dr. Allan Hoffman
    o Staff Development Tamberly Petrovich
    o Technology Master Planning Gary Hughes
    o Tenure Review Dr. Allan Hoffman
    o Budget P Adams and Larry Carrier
    o Faculty Hiring Kelly Locke
    o Student Policies Review Liz Estrella
    o College Council Liz Estrella
    o Curriculum Committee Kathy Mendelsohn
    o Diversity Committee Liz Estrella
    o Career Preparation Jeff Roth
    o Accreditation Jennifer Fellguth

Additionally, for Spring Semester, the Academic Senate did not meet officially through most of the semester. The May 9th meeting did have quorum and elections were completed with a new Steering Committee for the Academic Senate. Additional issues addressed were: