Academic Senate Highlights

October 25, 2005


President’s Report:

Liz gave an update on progress toward the Senate Goals for the year. 

1.  Update Constitution.  Nothing to report yet

2.  Provide an orientation to the Senate.  An orientation was held in August and ongoing education is being provided to Senators using “scenarios” from the State Academic Senate.  To see the source of the scenarios go to:

3.  Develop and Academic Senate Handbook.  These are being put together and will be handed out soon.

4.  Investigate, research, and report on the status of Information Competency; pursue Information Competency as a graduation requirement.  A report on current status was given at last meeting.  It was a discussion item at today’s meeting (see below).

5.  Improve communication with the Governing Board.  Liz and a representative from the Community College League of California (an organization for admin. and boards) will make a joint presentation about faculty governance to the Board.  (For info about the League see  )

6.  Update Committee Handbook.  Nothing to report yet.

7.  Resume emailing Senate Highlights.  And here we are!


Committee Reports

Larry Carrier reported that the Budget Committee is currently considering a reallocation of block grant funding from the “Early Alert” program to a combination of items that relate to increasing enrollments.  He said the Budget Committee only deals with allocation of block grant funding and the college budget is a “roll-over” budget.


Discussion Items                                                    

Information Competency—As a first step the Senate will forward the Senate adopted competencies (2003) to Dr. Valeau in order to reach mutual agreement on the competencies. 


Dean of Advancement and Development, Beverly Grova explained her plans to expand the focus of the Foundation beyond scholarships.  The survey (deadline 11/26) will identify needs. The needs will be categorized by community members according to likelihood of community funding and then a fundraising campaign will begin. 


Mohammed Hussain and Theresa Carbajal reported on the Campus Change Network, a group that was formed under a grant from the Chancellor’s Office.  Ten other colleges are participating.  Its goal is to provide access and equity for students of color.  A meeting will be held to coordinate with other diversity and equity committees on campus.  The meeting is Nov. 30, 3:00 to 4:30.  January Flex activities are also planned.


The Senate discussed Resolution 1.05.  In 1998 the Board of Trustees added language to Board Policy 2005 (dealing with the Senate) that was not brought to the Senate for mutual agreement.  This addition was recently discovered.  The language seems to contradict Title 5 regulations about the role of the Senate.  This resolution will be an action item at the next meeting. To read the resolution, see the second attachment.


Action Items

The Senate voted to revise the membership of the Curriculum Committee to make the Director of Enrollment Services a voting member and to add an additional faculty member from Occ. Ed.


The Senate approved peers for probationary faculty in the Language Arts/Fine Arts/Social Sciences Division.