Academic Senate Highlights

October 11, 2005


President’s Report:

At the last Board meeting the Senate President presented information to the Board of Trustees about the Senate’s role in governance.  She was not allowed to give them handouts regarding the Title 5 regulations.  Dr. Valeau informed her that materials distributed to the Board must go through his office first.


Committee Reports

Kathy Mendelsohn reports that the Curriculum Committee is discussing the use of software called Curricunet for electronic management of the curriculum process.  The system price is approximately $70,000 initial cost and an additional $12,000 per year thereafter.  There is also an $8,000 per year cost if the system is hosted on their servers rather than ours.  Dr. Hoffman proposes that the initial expense would be paid from Measure H technology funds. 


Discussion Items

Jennifer Fellguth, Kelly Locke and Cheryl O’Donnell gave an update on Information Competency.  The faculty developed and approved a set of competencies in 2003.  (See other attachment) These were distributed and the development of them explained. At the October 25th meeting the Senate will determine its next steps toward developing an Information Competency requirement.


The Curriculum Committee had requested that the Director of Enrollment Services become a voting member of the Curriculum Committee and that an additional faculty member be added.  The Senate discussed the request and determined that an additional faculty member could be added from the Occupational Education Division.  This will be an action item at the next meeting.


Action Items

Faculty peers were appointed for the Math and Science Division, Counseling Division, and the Library.  Liz Estrella was appointed to the Student Policies Review Committee.  Melissa Stave and Marilyn Andrews were appointed to the Hiring Committee.


The CalWorks plan was approved and the Senate President will sign off on it.


The Senate approved a statement for the schedule of classes saying that students may have to pay for printing done on campus.