Academic Senate Highlights

November 14, 2006


President’s Report:  President Fellguth attended the Area B meeting of the State Academic Senate.  During this meeting, the Area B representatives drafted a resolution supporting Hartnell Faculty that was passed by the State Senate.  “Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support the faculty of Hartnell College, and call upon the Hartnell Board of Trustees to work collaboratively  with faculty and staff on an ongoing basis to improve the campus climate and restore collegial and positive relations between all constituents for the benefit of their students and community.”  To see the full resolution go to 


Committee Reports:  The Curriculum Committee met Nov. 2 to do planning for future agenda items.  Updating the Distance Ed. Form, adoption and funding of a work flow system, SLO’s, and electronic agenda packets were among the items planned.


Discussion Items:  Two new resolutions came before the Senate for discussion.  They will be on the next agenda as action items.  See the website for draft versions of these.

Resolution 2.07 Shared Governance Committees is about the need to update the list of committees, define the function and membership of all committees, and to have regular reporting to the Senate.  It also addresses the requirement that all faculty on ANY committee need to be appointed by the Academic Senate.  The Senate has attempted in past years to get compliance with this by committee chairs and has been unsuccessful.  This resolution voids all committee appointments until the requirements of the resolution are met.

Resolution 3.07  Events in Campus Facilities is about the need to hold meetings and fundraising activities in suitable locations so as not to disrupt student learning and use of facilities.


Chris Myers brought the results of the accreditation surveys done last year of students, staff, and the community.  He highlighted main points of the surveys, including that students and the community are generally positive about the college and that staff showed many areas of concern about the college.  Senators questioned the low response rates and the effect of this on the validity of the results.   There was also a question of whether the current opinions were reflected by the results since the surveys were completed before campus climate had deteriorated as severely as it has this semester.


He also presented the Institutional Planning Process that was revised 12/1/05.  Senators expressed frustration that the planning process does not drive the budget, that the budget priorities in the document are vague, and that the various plans created on campus do not get used for any purpose.


Action Items:  The following peer appointments were ratified

Parviz Entekhabi for Neil Ledford and Ali Amercupan, Fred Etcheverry for Parviz Entekhabi.