Academic Senate Highlights

February 13, 2007


President’s Report: Jennifer met with the Enrollment Management Team.  The members of this group voted that they wanted to become a shared governance committee (over the objections of Dr. Valeau).  Jennifer will work with them to develop the committee description, role, membership, etc. that will go in the Committee Handbook.

Work to update the Committee Handbook is continuing.  There is now a website linked to the Senate website (see header) that lists committee membership.  It is being updated as she gains information.  It has been difficult to get this information from the chairs and only a few committees have submitted updated information for the handbook despite repeated requests over the past two years.  There are four committees for which she has no membership information or meeting records at all--Diversity, Program Review, Staff Development, and Sabbatical Leave.


Committee Reports

Curriculum Committee  The Curriculum Committee (in reviewing its structure for the Handbook update) will be discussing whether there is still a need for the Tech Review Sub-Committee.  Speak with Kathy Mendelsohn if you have any opinions about this. 

Nursing curriculum issues are being addressed and there is an expectation that they will have all the curriculum problems fixed by fall.  After that point, nursing will operate under the curriculum process just as all other disciplines do with no emergency measures taken as “band-aids.”

The committee will also be addressing the Drug and Alcohol Specialist program.  As currently written it doesn’t meet any certification requirements.  It either needs to be revised or discontinued.  With no full time faculty to revise it or help the program grow, it is likely to be discontinued.

Finally, a subcommittee of Curriculum will be working on an implementation plan for the new Math 123 AA degree requirement.  This requirement will impact all AA and AS degrees for students starting in Fall 2009.  Students who started before then and DO NOT have a break in enrollment will be under the old requirements.


Discussion Items

Instructional Planning and Growth  Ignacio brought materials to the Senate that he has also sent to Dr. Valeau and Dr. Hoffman.  His handouts included data about spring enrollments ( which are down by over 1000 students, ads from several colleges for multiple faculty positions, and some questions that he believes should be discussed.  Chief among the questions posed were: 

He brought forward the recommendation that the Academic Senate take a leadership role by meeting with BOTH the administration and the Board of Trustees to assess the Master Plan and then actually work on implementing it.  The senate also discussed the Senate’s role in enrollment management in light of Ignacio’s presentation.  The state Senate has a paper on this issue with recommendations for local senates. (

CSU Support Resolution—A resolution supporting the CSU faculty in their labor dispute and impending strike was reviewed and will be an action item on the next agenda.


Action Items

Melissa Stave and Yvonne Reid were appointed to the Equivalency Committee for the PE instructor/Head Football Coach position.

Mary Cousineau was appointed to the Tech Review subcommittee of Curriculum.

The Senate Goals for 2007 were adopted.




Reminder:  Minutes, agendas, highlights, related documents, and links to resources can be found at the Statewide Academic Senate website