Academic Senate Highlights

February 27, 2007


President’s Report:  President Jennifer Fellguth reported that the committee structure update is proceeding.  Now that the accreditation site visit is so close, she is getting responses to her requests for committee information from committee chairs.  Updated committee membership information is on the Senate website

Of particular interest is the vacant chair of the Staff Development Committee and the current inactivity.  It was suggested that if this chair position was as an independent faculty chair(and flex coordinator) as in the Committee Handbook, rather than set up as a faculty member who must report to the VP of Student Services, there might be more interest in the position of chair (and flex coordinator).

Work on the goal of revising faculty hiring procedures (Jennifer and Cathy Noble, subcommittee) have begun their work.  The tenure review process has begun.  For those in the tenure review process, information about the Tenure Review Committee is found in the Committee Handbook on the senate website.


Committee Reports  A representative from Curricunet, a curriculum management system, will be presenting at the March 15 meeting (2:00).  This could help with our curriculum process, but there will need to be a commitment from the administration to purchase the system AND provide a line item in the budget for the annual costs.

The SLO group is continuing to develop their proposal for the committee structure using Santa Rosa’s model.


The Technology Master Planning Team is working on a draft of the Technology Plan.  The Diversity Committee met and will be working on an Equal Employment Opportunity plan.


Discussion Items  The group working on the minority report for accreditation is meeting Friday, March 2 at 1:30 in D 209.  Email Phil Adams if you would like a copy of the draft so far.  Last chance for input is on Friday.


The Enrollment Management Team is also working on their proposal of committee structure in order to become an official shared governance committee and for the Handbook.  They have looked at models from other schools (San Bernadino, for example) and they are almost ready to bring the proposal to the Senate for approval.  They meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday at 1:15 in the Board Room.  Anyone is welcome.


President Ed Valeau has announced that he would like to form a President’s Task Force to look into planning and budgeting processes.  He recognizes that these functions are not well connected on campus and proposes the task force to study this and make recommendations about how planning and budgeting should be linked.  Senators pointed out that a Task Force is unnecessary.  The planning process was originally developed with the link to budget and if the documented committee structure was actually followed there would be more connection.  If the Budget Committee was not limited to allocating only Block Grant funds, there would be a connection.  Also, any revisions to the committees’ structure that need to be made  should be proposed to the Senate through the Committee Handbook revision process as the other committees (see SLO work group and EMT above) are doing. 


Action Items  The Senate adopted the ASCCC document Role of Academic Senate in Enrollment Management position paper.  The paper is available on our Senate website under documents.  Other State Senate resources can be found at


The Senate adopted the Resolution in Support of CSU faculty. 


The Senate ratified appointments of Mary Cousineau, Nancy Schur, and Ignacio Pando for the LVN/RN screening committee.


The Senate tabled the following items until the next meeting:

Instructional planning and growth discussion

SLO as a shared governance committee—first reading

Appointment to Staff Development Committee