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Academic Senate

Academic Senate Minutes

September 13, 2005

3:00 PM, Annex

I.                   Call to Order: President Liz Estrella called the meeting to order at 3:07 pm.

Senators & Officers Present: Liz Estrella, Jennifer Fellguth, Kelly Locke, Phil Adams, Aurora Méndez, Leticia Contreras, Dan Petersen, Jeff Roth, Peggy Mayfield, Theresa Carbajal

Guests Present: Maria Michael, Kathy Mendelsohn, Lourdes Villarreal, Dr. Allan Hoffman, Gary Hughes

II.                Adoption of the Agenda: CalWorks Program Plan was taken off the agenda at the request of J. Roth. J. Fellguth moved approval of the amended agenda; J. Roth seconded.

III.             Approval of the Minutes: T. Carbajal requested a change, and the amended minutes were approved on a motion from P. Mayfield and seconded by J. Fellguth.  J. Fellguth requested that approved minutes be sent to her to update the Academic Senate web site.

IV.              Public Comments:  None

V.                 President’s Report:  L. Estrella distributed several documents including a Title V handout; two articles from Dr. Valeau; a memo from dance instructor Megan Morais requesting financial assistance for a Hartnell dance club, Centrifugal Dance Force’s 85th Anniversary Ball; and a handout from Allan Frey regarding CEO salaries.  L. Estrella briefly reported on the Enrollment Management meetings she is attending on Wednesdays at 1 pm.  She also reported that Hartnell’s $1200 membership in the statewide Academic Senate was not paid in 2004-2005.  Both the 2004-2005 and the 2005-2006 membership fees are now due.  L. Estrella is researching. 

VI.              First Vice President’s Report: No report

VII.           Committee Reports:

College Council: L. Estrella attended the most recent meeting of the College Council and gave a brief report.

Curriculum: Kathy Mendelsohn reported on the first Curriculum Committee meeting.  The overall goal is to make the Committee more user-friendly, to expedite the curriculum process, and to provide training to faculty to help them with the curriculum process.  Tech I and Tech II Committees have been merged into the Technical Review Committee to preview curriculum to ensure that the packets are complete and correct prior to going to the Curriculum Committee.  There was also discussion to allow the Director of Enrollment Services (currently an ex-officio position) voting privileges on the Curriculum Committee because of the expertise of the person in that position.  This is scheduled to be action item at the next Curriculum Committee meeting.  K. Mendelsohn suggested that the reception to this idea was positive and that it would most likely be approved.

VIII.        ASHC Report: No report

IX.              HCFA Report: No report

X.                 Discussion/Information Items:

  1. Equity for All: Lourdes Villarreal and Dr. Allan Hoffman reported on the Equity for All project.  L. Villarreal reported that Chris Myers is co-chairing the project with her. Equity for All is connected to the Diversity Scorecard, and USC provided training. The project will study student retention and student success, and Hartnell is focusing on the English and math disciplines.  The Hartnell Equity for All team consists of 12 members:  Lourdes Villarreal and Chris Myers, co-chairs; Dr. Hoffman and Tamberly Petrovich (representing Administration); Liz Estrella (Academic Senate and counseling), Tony Anderson (counseling); Dan Petersen, Heidi Ramirez, Daniel Perez (English);  Kelly Locke, Jim Riley, and Mohammad Hussain (math).  The team members will review student data, reflect on practices that might be barriers to student success, interpret data, suggest solutions, etc. The project is endorsed by the statewide Academic Senate, and Hartnell is one of ten colleges involved in this project.  Frank Harris is working as a USC research assistant to the Hartnell team.  At the end of the academic year, the Equity for All project team will submit a report to Dr. Valeau.
  1. Accreditation appointment: Dr. Hoffman reported that Jennifer Lagier Fellguth has been selected as faculty accreditation coordinator.  J. Fellguth will work with faculty groups and be the voice of the faculty in the self-study.  There are additional openings for faculty participation on the various accreditation committees.  The Accreditation Steering Committee needs one more faculty member; Standard II, Instructional Programs, Math/Science, needs one faculty member; Standard II, Instructional Programs, Occ Ed, needs one faculty member; Standard III, Human Resources, needs two faculty members; and Standard III, Financial Resources, needs two faculty members.
  1. Pay-for-Print: Gary Hughes reported that the college has found a technology that will work for Hartnell, and the college will be moving towards a pay-for-print system.  Currently the college is spending about $20,000 per year for student copies in the computer labs and the library. 
  1. Quotation for the new library: G. Hughes reported that the new library will have a rotunda area where a quotation will be placed.  The library has been collecting suggestions of quotations, and a committee is forming to select several of the quotations to be voted on by students, faculty and staff. G. Hughes requested faculty representation on the committee.  L. Contreras volunteered to participate on the committee.

E.  Academic Senate Goals for 2005-2006:  P. Mayfield suggested updating parts of the Academic Senate constitution.  L. Estrella mentioned that providing an orientation to the Academic Senate was a previous goal, and developing a handbook for the Academic Senate is another possible goal. J. Fellguth suggested moving forward with recommending a graduation requirement for Information Competency. M. Michael suggested improving the Senate’s relationship with the Governing Board, and finding out which faculty are serving on each committee in order to facilitate communication.  It was suggested that additional goals be forwarded via email. K. Locke brought up the possibility of emailing out Senate Highlights again.  She offered to take on this responsibility.  L. Estrella said it will be placed on the upcoming agenda as an action item.

XI.              Announcements:  P. Mayfield announced that J. Fellguth was updating the Academic Senate web site.  Agendas, minutes, etc. will be available on the web site,  L. Estrella reminded everyone that if faculty are asked to serve on committees, they need to first get the approval of the Academic Senate. The Senate directed President Estrella to write a memo to President Valeau reminding him and the management team that all appointments of faculty to committees, including accreditation committee appointments, need to be submitted to the Academic Senate for approval.

XII.           Adjournment:  D. Petersen moved that the meeting be adjourned, and L. Contreras seconded at 4:50 pm.

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