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Academic Senate Minutes

October 11, 2005

3:00 PM, Annex

I. Call to Order: President Liz Estrella called the meeting to order at 3:12 pm.

Senators & Officers Present: Liz Estrella, Jennifer Fellguth, Phil Adams, Aurora Méndez, Jeff Roth, Peggy Mayfield, Melissa Stave, Maria Michael, Kelly Locke

Guests Present: Kathy Mendelsohn, Cheryl O’Donnell, Melissa Reeve, Sharon Perez, Denise Moss

II. Adoption of the Agenda: President Estrella requested an addition to the agenda.  She asked that the names of Marilyn Andrews and Melissa Stave be added for approval on the Hiring Committee under Action Items. J. Fellguth moved adoption of the revised agenda, and A. Méndez seconded. 

III. Approval of the Minutes: K. Locke requested a correction to the minutes: she was not in attendance at the meeting as the minutes reported.  The corrected minutes were approved. (J. Fellguth, A. Méndez).

IV. Treasurer’s Report:  P. Mayfield handed out copies of the Senate budget as of October 11, 2005.  The total remaining balance was $5,492.47.

V. Public Comments:  None

VI. President’s Report:  L. Estrella welcomed new Senator Maria Michael, and returning Senator Melissa Stave.  She announced that Academic Senate members have been invited to Dr. Lawson Fusao Inada’s reception at the Steinbeck Center on October 12, and that there will be a faculty forum on enrollment management in the upcoming weeks.  At the October Board of Trustees meeting, President Estrella presented information about the Senate’s role in governance.  However, she was not allowed to distribute Title 5 related information to the Board members.  Dr. Valeau advised her that distributed materials for the Board must go through the President’s office. In regards to shared governance, President Estrella is considering requesting technical support from the Community College League of California and the California Academic Senate.  She wants to join with them to present information to the Board about shared governance.  L. Estrella queried the Senators to see if they were interested in an efficiency model presentation by Gary Hughes.  The Senators suggested that this presentation would be an appropriate activity for flex credit.

VII. First Vice President’s Report: No report

VIII. Committee Reports:

Career Preparation:  J. Roth will investigate information about this committee.

College Council:  L. Estrella reported that items discussed included accreditation, enrollment management, and a “millennium video” about the new generation of college students.  Senators suggested that viewing this video might be an appropriate flex credit activity.

 Curriculum: K. Mendelsohn reported that there was discussion surrounding the inconsistency regarding DE courses. This was prompted by two CSS courses that were approved for DE modality; the discussion centered around the funding received for DE classes, whether or not there was approval from management to offer DE classes (even though areas are offering DE courses), the lack of a College-wide DE philosophy, and the role of the Curriculum Committee in DE courses. The Distance Ed Committee has not been meeting pending the arrival of the new Director of the Learning Resource Center and Distance Education. It was agreed that the role of the Curriculum Committee was to approve courses that are appropriate to be offered in the DE modality. The Curriculum Committee also discussed CurricUNET; the Committee appears to agree that using software to electronically maintain, create, and revise our curriculum will expedite the process; however, there is concern about the initial funding for the software as well as annual system maintenance: ($70,000, one-time cost; $19,900, annual cost (host and maintenance); it was proposed that Measure H fund CurricUNET. The Committee agreed that CurricUNET should be a formal discussion item on the Senate agenda and brought to each area for further discussion. Since Jim Butler has missed three consecutive Curriculum Committee meetings, it was requested that he be replaced by another member of the Math/Science division.  

Student Policies Review:  L. Estrella attended the last meeting of this committee, and among the topics of discussion were the Nursing Department’s grievance policy, and basic skills.

IX. ASHC Report: No report

X. HCFA Report: No report

XI. Discussion/Information Items: Update on Information

  1. Update on Information Competency:  K. Locke, J. Fellguth, and C. O’Donnell distributed information about information competency, and recapped its history at Hartnell College.  The Academic Senate adopted a proposal for information competency on April 29, 2003.  The proposal includes standards, specific competencies, and skills that students would be expected to master to obtain a certificate and/or Associate Degree.  There was discussion about Hartnell courses that satisfy the information competency proposal, and questions about how next to proceed.  The Senators will review the distributed materials and further discuss information competency at the next meeting.
  2. Accreditation Standard 1 Focus Group:  M. Reeve conducted a brief focus group relating to Accreditation Standard 1, Institutional Mission and Effectiveness.  She asked questions about campus dialogue relating to improving student learning, improving institutional processes, evidence of broad-based involvement in planning and goal setting, assessment and research used for planning and decision making, changes and improvements from information and plans, and comments about the mission statement and institutional effectiveness.  The Senators responded citing positive and negative examples i.e., enrollment management team, top-down planning, information competency initiative, digital divide survey, crisis counseling.
  3. Scenario 7 (from “Scenarios to Illustrate Effective Participation in District & College Governance”): L. Estrella presented the scenario where an academic senate president’s signature was needed for a last minute report.  These scenarios present typical situations that might face the Academic Senate, they state the issue, where in the Title 5 regulations the issue is cited, a process, and suggestions. President Estrella intends to bring these scenarios to the Senate on a regular basis as a tool for training and discussion.
  4. One Additional Faculty Member on Curriculum Committee:  L. Estrella reviewed faculty membership and membership on the Curriculum Committee and reported that the new faculty member on the Curriculum Committee will come from Occupational Education.  This will be an action item on the next agenda.

XII. Action Items:

  1. Approve faculty peers for evaluation process: All peers for probationary faculty that were brought forward on the agenda were approved unanimously on a motion by J. Fellguth and seconded by P. Mayfield.  In addition, Marilyn Andrews and Melissa Stave were approved to serve on the Hiring Committee.
  2. Cal Works Program Plan:  Denise Moss and Sharon Perez from the Career Center came to the Senate to present budget changes, answer questions, and receive support for the Cal Works Plan.  J. Fellguth moved approval and K. Locke seconded.  The motion was approved with two senators abstaining.
  1. Student Policies Review Committee:  No faculty member volunteered to serve on this committee, so L. Estrella offered to serve. J. Fellguth moved approval, and M. Stave seconded.  The motion was approved.
  2. Pay for Print:  L. Estrella announced that there will be a notice in the summer or fall schedule of classes to inform students that they may be required to pay for printing.  Kelly Locke made a motion to approve pay-for-print on campus, and M. Stave seconded.  The motion was approved.

XIII. Announcements:  None.

XIV. Adjournment:  J. Fellguth moved adjournment and M. Stave seconded.  No Senators objected and the meeting was adjourned at 5 pm.

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