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Academic Senate Minutes

Academic Senate Minutes

November 22, 2005

3:00 PM, Annex

I. Call to Order: President Liz Estrella called the meeting to order at 3:07 pm.

Senators & Officers Present: Liz Estrella, Jennifer Fellguth, Aurora Méndez, Jeff Roth, Peggy Mayfield, Maria Michael, Kelly Locke, Phil Adams

Guests Present: Stelvio Locci, Denise Harris, Denise Moss, Mary Dominguez, Gary Hughes, Stan Crane

II. Adoption of the Agenda: J. Fellguth moved adoption, P. Mayfield seconded, and the motion unanimously carried.

III. Approval of the Minutes: The minutes were approved (J. Fellguth, J. Roth).

IV. Public Comments:  None

V. President’s Report:  V. President’s Report:  President Estrella presented the Academic Senate’s meeting date schedule for spring 2006.  The dates are February 14, February 28, March 14, March 28, April 18, May 9, and May 23.   Topics of discussion at the College Council meeting were shared governance committees and information competency.  President Estrella sent a letter to Dr. Valeau requesting a review of Board Policy 2005, and a letter to Ruth McMullen about an appointment to the Counseling/Library vacancy on the Full-Time Faculty Hiring Committee.  She reviewed what we have accomplished: a) defined who we are, b) established an atmosphere of camaraderie, c) asserted ourselves on Board policy, d) questioned shared governance, e) defined goals and f) educated ourselves.

VII. First Vice President’s Report: none

VIII. Committee Reports:

  1. Facilities Planning:  Dr. Stan Crane briefed the Senate about this committee.  He went over committee functions, outcomes, membership (two faculty), meeting schedules, and subcommittees.  Committee minutes are archived on the “R” drive.  Due to passage of the bond there have been changes to the committee from the description in the official committee handbook.  The committee reports to the campus community and updates the community about construction projects.  While S. Crane has been chairing this committee, Brian Adair, the Director of Maintenance and Facilities will take over this role in the future. 
  2. Program & Services Review: Dr. Allan Hoffman did not attend the meeting but he submitted a written report.  In the submitted report the Program and Services Review Oversight Committee function is briefly mentioned, membership is listed, and programs and services that have been validated and accepted are also presented.
  3. Sabbatical Leave:  As mentioned above, Dr. Allan Hoffman did not attend the meeting but submitted information about the Sabbatical Committee.  The information indicates that the committee has not been active since the spring 2002 semester.
  4. Staff Development:  Tamberly Petrovich did not attend the meeting, but a report about the Staff Development Committee was distributed to senators.  The report outlines the committee function, activities, and membership.
  5. Technology Master Planning:  Gary Hughes reported that the Technology Master Planning Committee meets on the third Thursday at noon.  Right now Hartnell offers 30 or 40 hybrid courses (partially taught face-2-face, partially online).  One area of concern is that there is no line item in the budget for technology.  One half million dollars is needed annually to support technology needs, and these needs are not being met.  The Distance Education Subcommittee is a subcommittee of Technology Master Planning.
  6. Tenure Review:  Dr. Allan Hoffman did not attend the meeting but he did submit a written report.  The report describes the committee function, the membership, and future (January, February 2006) meeting plans.

IX. ASHC Report:  No report

X. Classified Senate Report: No report

XI. HCFA Report: No report

XII. Discussion/Information Items

  1. Tillery Team:  Denise Cook, Denise Moss, and Mary Dominguez presented information about their group’s outreach efforts to area high school students.  Currently only 23% of area high school students attend Hartnell College.  The Tillery Team is working to increase these enrollments of high school students and high school graduates to 40% over the next two years.  They distributed a Plan for Improved Access, Equity and Student Achievement, and outlined parts of the plan to the Senate.  Senators stated the need for more of a Hartnell presence at the high schools, and suggested that group discuss their efforts with Hartnell counselors. D. Cook, D. Moss, and M. Dominguez participated in the Tillery Leadership Institute at U.C. Berkeley during the summer of 2005. 
  2. Courses with No Prerequisites or Advisories that Require Internet Use or Technology Skills:  The Senate discussed issues surrounding hybrid courses, web-enhanced courses, advisories, the digital divide, and the need for definitions and clarification. 
  3. Suggested Goals to Work on with Dr. Valeau:  Dr. Valeau expressed an interest in working on one or two items with the Senate this academic year.   Senators’ suggestions included moving forward on the Senate’s 2003 information competency proposal, making shared governance a priority, and reaching agreement about Board Policy 2005.
  4. Resolution Re Shared Governance Committees:  President Estrella presented draft Senate resolution that would rescind all Academic Senate faculty committee appointments.  Senators offered suggestions to the resolution, and discussed the best method of moving forward on this matter.  The resolution will be an action item at the next Senate meeting.
  5. Scenario 22:  L. Estrella presented a scenario dealing with a proposal for a district-wide equivalency process to minimum qualifications. Scenarios may be found on the Academic Senate for California Community College’s web site,

XIII. Action Items

  1. Matriculation Report:  Discussion about the Matriculation Report continued.  Some Senators expressed concern and frustration that the Senate’s suggestions at the November 8 meeting (include a definition of matriculation, a budget and expenditures) were not incorporated into the report. The report was approved by the Senate on a motion by K. Locke and seconded by A. Mendez.

XIV. Announcements:  None

XV. Adjournment:  Kelly Locke moved adjournment of the meeting. Maria Michael seconded the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 5:12 pm.