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Academic Senate Minutes

Academic Senate Minutes

May 9 , 2006

3:00 PM, Annex


I. Call to Order:

President Liz Estrella called the meeting to order at 3:07 pm.


Senators & Officers Present:

Liz Estrella, Jennifer Fellguth, Jeff Roth, Peggy Mayfield, Maria Michael, Kelly Locke, Phil Adams, Leticia Contreras, Melissa Stave


Guests Present:

Mary Dominguez


II. Adoption of the Agenda:

J. Fellguth moved adoption, K. Locke seconded, and the motion unanimously carried.


III. Approval of the Minutes:

L. Contreras said she attended the November 22, 2005 meeting, so this correction was made to the minutes. The corrected minutes were approved, with M. Stave abstaining from the vote (J. Fellguth, K. Locke).


IV. Public Comments: None


V. President’s Report:

President Estrella referred Senators to her May 4, 2006 memo to faculty that describes issues and activities relating to ongoing academic and professional matters of interest. There was discussion of the State Academic Senate’s support for increasing the minimum requirements for an associate degree in math and English. The State Senate’s resolution would make English 1A and Math 123 the new minimum requirements for an A.A. degree. English 1A is already required here to obtain an associate degree, but Hartnell’s current math requirements are lower (Math 121 or Math 151).


VI. First Vice President’s Report: none