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Reading and Writing Lab - Course Descriptions


The Reading and Writing Lab offers a variety of flexible, self-paced courses designed to target your personal learning needs.

Not only are students able to choose the days and times most convenient for them to attend, all courses are also open-entry, meaning students can enroll throughout most of the semester. Whether you work full-time and can only commit to a 0.5 unit class (24 hours of instruction) or you need lots of extra help and want a 1.0 unit class (48 hours of instruction), you can choose a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Best of all, the Reading and Writing Lab targets your personal learning needs. After taking an assessment test, you'll work with an instructor to design an individualized course plan to improve the specific reading and writing skills that will make you more successful in both the classroom and workplace.

Scroll down to find the Reading, Writing, or ESL course that is best for you.

Reading Lab Courses:

The Reading Lab offers two 1.0 unit courses, English 184 and English 186, and one 0.5 unit course, English 185.

Under the guidance of an instructor, native speakers and ESL students learn a variety of academic reading strategies, study techniques, and composition and grammar skills to prepare themselves for upper-level coursework. Class assignments may address a wide range of topics including identifying the main idea of a passage, improving subject-verb agreement, learning new vocabulary words, understanding context clues, and more.

The Reading Lab also offers a variety of multi-media learning materials as well. Students have access to hundreds of books, CD's, DVD's, computer software, audio tapes, video cassettes, and websites, depending on their learning needs.

Most importantly, however, students have access to one-on-one instruction from the Reading Lab instructional team. Instructors and instructional specialists are always available to sit with students to help them understand the subject they are studying.

Writing Lab Courses:

The Writing Lab offers one 0.5 unit class, English 175 and one 1.0 class, English 176.

Working with an instructor, native speakers and Intermediate-level ESL students develop their writing and grammar skills to prepare for upper-level English courses. Class assignments may include exercises to improve grammar and spelling skills, readings about different writing strategies, and, of course, several writing assignments.

Like the Reading Lab, students in the Writing Lab also have access to a variety of multi-media learning materials including books, CD's, DVD's, computer software, audio tapes, video cassettes, and websites.

Most beneficial to students, however, is the one-on-one attention they get from instructors and instructional specialists. Students learn precisely what writing skills they need to improve and receive individual tutorials to strengthen those skills.

Paired Lab Courses (ESL and English) (1.0 unit)

Students may enroll in ESL 165L or ENG 253L, 101FL, 101L, 123L, and 124L to receive supplemental instruction in the corresponding lecture course. Unlike the previous courses mentioned, these classes are optional.

Important! Students must be enrolled in the corresponding lecture classes to enroll in these Lab courses. For instance, students must be attending an English 253 lecture class in order to sign up for an Eng. 253L (Lab) class.

ESL lab courses may include lessons on vocabulary building, grammar skills, and writing activities.

English lab courses may cover grammar and writing activities as well as research methods.

Keep in mind, paired lab courses do not include revising papers required in the lecture class. Students who are logged into the Timekeeper (computer which records student attendance) may not work on homework or essays for their lecture classes.