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Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an award winning* peer-led academic support program that helps students enrolled in certain historically challenging courses. SI sessions are free, voluntary, and open to the entire student population of each designated course.

SI's goal is to aid all students in a class regardless of their knowledge or ability level. In the sessions, which meet on a regular schedule several times a week, students work together under the guidance of their SI leader comparing notes, discussing readings and concepts, working on handouts, and taking practice quizzes. Students who attend the sessions gain a greater understanding of the course content, learn helpful strategies, earn higher grades, and are more likely to successfully complete the course.

In 1981, the U.S. Department of Education recognized Supplemental Instruction as an Exemplary Educational Program and pronounced valid the claim that the program improves retention rates and student academic achievement. Data collected from colleges and universities worldwide show that students who attend SI sessions withdraw less often from and earn higher grades in designated courses than do fellow students who do not attend SI sessions. At Hartnell, the over 1,000 students that attend SI sessions each year earn an average of a letter grade higher and are 30% more likely to successfully complete their courses than their classmates.

List of the courses currently supported by SI.
Math SI Session
If SI is offered with your classes, the SI leaders will introduce themselves during the first week of class. At that time, they will survey the class to determine the best time for the SI sessions.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders are course-competent students, selected by the instructor, who help guide students to a greater understanding of course content by facilitating out-of-class sessions; and who work to further develop student learning and study skills. SI leaders attend course lectures, take notes, and read all assigned material. SI leaders build their communication skills, increase their subject knowledge and self-confidence, and acquire valuable work experience. SI Leaders earn from $10.40 - $14.42 an hour.
Biology SI Session

*2004 Hartnell College President's Team Leadership Award for Program Excellence

For further information, visit the Tutorial Center located in Library/LRC 214 (Building A), call 755-6738,or email fhenders@hartnell.edu .

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