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Academic Renewal


A student who wishes to qualify for a degree, certificate, or General Ed Certification may request that up to 30 semester units of substandard course work taken at Hartnell may be disregarded in grade point computation.

Approval of the request is subject to the following conditions:

1. The student completes and submits a written Academic Renewal Student Petition form to a counselor who verifies that the following conditions have been met:

a. The work completed in the term(s) under consideration is substandard and not representative of present scholastic ability and level of performance.

b. It can be demonstrated that the level of performance in the term(s) under consideration resulted from extenuating circumstances. Such extenuating circumstances shall be those acute medical, family, or other personal problems which rendered normal academic functioning unlikely or impossible. Such circumstances must be verified in writing.

c. Two years (4 semesters, excluding summer) have elapsed since the most recent work to be disregarded was completed.

d. The student has completed 30 semester units leading to a certificate, associate degree, or university transfer requirements at Hartnell with at least a 2.5 GPA since the end of the term to be disregarded. Work completed at another institution cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.

2. The petition is then submitted to the Vice President of Student Services, Counseling, and Admissions for approval or disapproval. If the petition is denied, the student may petition the Academic Council.

If the request is approved, the students permanent record will be annotated to indicate that the discounted courses do not apply toward the degree, certificate, or General Ed Certification requirements concerned. However, all work remains on the record. Note that this policy only applies to Hartnell degree requirements and it may not be accepted at other institutions.