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Repetition of Courses

ALERT: Important Course Repeat Policy Update
The Hartnell College Course repetition policy has now changed significantly. This could have an impact on many students and it is important that you understand this change as you select your courses. Students may no longer enroll in the same course more than three times at Hartnell College. Please note that "current enrollments" in all courses will now be
calculated towards this enrollment maximum. As an example, if you previously earned a "W" in Math 123, are currently enrolled in Math 123 this Spring and are now attempting to take Math123 one more time in Fall 2012, this would be considered your "third enrollment" and subject to approval from Counseling.

Student Action:

What happens:

What's at stake and why this is important to know:

enrollment in a class

If you withdraw (receive a 'W') or don't pass the class, this is called your first “attempt” at the class.

This is your first of three attempts/enrollments. Before you decide to drop, remember that you only have two possible additional opportunities to complete this course.

2nd enrollment in the class

This is called your 'first repetition' of the same class. The system will allow you to enroll on your own.

Be sure you are prepared to complete the class successfully this time. This will be your last opportunity to enroll in the class without prior authorization from Counseling!


3rd enrollment in the same class

This is called your "second
repetition" of the same class. You
cannot enroll in the class this time
without first meeting with a
counselor to submit a Course
Repetition Form.

Before being allowed to enroll in the course a third time,
you may be advised by the Counselor to re-take the
placement in order to ensure your success.

Question: So why the new stricter Course Repeat policy?
This is a new requirement being imposed by the state of California. This is not a Hartnell College's regulation but a regulation that is in place at all 112 California Community Colleges.

Question: But what if I need the class to complete my requirements to transfer and have two W's and an F? This could prevent me from transferring!
You should meet with a Counselor to discuss your situation. The Counselor may recommend that you submit a petition for special consideration to the Vice President for Student Affairs Office. Keep in mind, however, there's no guarantee it will be approved and you may need to take the equivalent course at another community college.

Question: Will exceptions ever be made for fourth enrollment requests?
In rare instances exceptions will be made, but you will have to submit a Course Repetition Appeal form. You will also need to explain why a fourth (4th) enrollment is
necessary. Please talk to a Counselor first and he/she will let you know if they recommend that you complete a petition for special consideration. If the Counselor recommends an appeal, then you must complete and submit the form to the Vice President for Student Affairs Office.

Question: If my professor writes a letter on my behalf, will that help?
Not really. It's important that you take your classes seriously and realize that it may not always be a good idea to withdraw from a course. Dropping a course requires careful consideration -- more so now than ever before.

Question: Can I re-take a course at another community college if I've already attempted the course three times at Hartnell College?
Yes, you can but your transcript at Hartnell College will remain unchanged. Please see a Counselor for further details.

Question: Is there a specific time frame that is used when reviewing my classes?
Yes, as it relates to this new regulation, your total academic history will be used in determining your course repetition eligibility. Hartnell's computer system for records goes back to 1983.

Question: Do you have any final advice for me?
Yes, we recommend you do the following:


Talk to your instructor-get to know him/her

Attend & participate in all of your classes

Submit your homework on time

Read your course syllabus

Ask questions in class

Sit in the front row

Work in study groups

Get a tutor - they are free

Manage your time