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Prerequisite requirements must be met in order to register for classes with a prerequisite.  A prerequisite is defined to mean “a condition of enrollment that a student must meet in order to register in a course or program.” (CCR T.5 55200)  A student may challenge any prerequisite by completing a Prerequisite Challenge Petition available in the Admissions & Records Office or the Counseling Department.  It is the student’s responsibility to be certain that he/she has met the necessary prerequisite(s) for any course taken.  The student will be dropped from any class where it is verified that the necessary prerequisite has not been taken and passed.  Prerequisites will be validated after final grades have been posted.

See a counselor for assistance to clear any prerequisite requirement.



Prerequisite means the preparation for the knowledge or skills considered necessary for success in a course.  The college REQUIRES students to complete prerequisites as pre-enrollment preparation.  Prerequisites are listed in the College Catalog/Schedule include:


1.   Courses for which a specific prerequisite has been established.

2.     Sequential course work in a degree-applicable program, and

3.        Courses in which an equivalent prerequisite exists at a four-year transfer college or university.



If you have met the prerequisite at another college, or in high school, or completed the assessment at another college, see your counselor prior to registration to complete a Prerequisite Clearance Form following the procedures below.


1.        Student makes an appointment to meet with a counselor for advisement and to begin the process of submitting a Prerequisite Clearance Form.

2.        Together, the counselor and student review transcripts/ assessment test information, and the counselor determines a course equivalency, or using multiple measure criteria, the counselor indicates this on the form.

3.        Student and counselor both sign the Prerequisite Clearance Form. (PDF)

4.        Unofficial transcripts, official transcripts or assessment scores are then attached to this form. 


A.       If the clearance form is for any reason on the front except Placement scores from another college, the form is taken to the Admissions & Records Office for clearance.


B.    If the clearance form is using placement scores, the form is taken to the STAAR* Assessment Office for clearance.

C.    If the clearance form is for Counseling 21 Orientation Clearance, the form is also taken to the Admissions & Records Office for clearance.


All Prerequisite Clearance Forms require 2 working days to process.  Students will be able to register by PAWS Web Registraiton or ASAP* Telephone Registration within 2 working days of submission if “Early Bird” registration is being used, or if during In-Person registration this form must accompany the student’s registration (blue) card or add slip for a manual override.


Please note that Official College/University or High School transcripts must be on file in the Admissions & Records Office for official graduation evaluation or official transfer credit evaluations.  Some programs such as AHT, and Nursing also require official transcripts.  Unofficial transcripts will be accepted only for purposes of Prerequisite Clearance.


NOTE:  An instructor’s signature on an add card does NOT waive the student from meeting the stated prerequisite(s) from the course.



A prerequisite challenge requires written documentation, explanation of alternative course work, background or abilities which adequately prepare the student for the course.  Prerequisites may be challenged for one or more of the following reasons:


1.        The student has documented knowledge and abilities equivalent to those specified in the prerequisite course.

2.        The College has not made the prerequisite course reasonably available.

3.        The prerequisite is discriminatory or is being applied in a discriminatory fashion.

  1. The College has not developed the prerequisite according to its established procedures or has not developed the prerequisite in accord with existing statues.


Prerequisite Challenge Forms are to be filed with the Area Dean.  Those specifying criteria are to be filed with the Dean of the area in which the course is taught.  Upon filing the challenge, the following will occur:


1.        Students may enroll in the course by taking a photocopy of the Prerequisite Challenge Form, with the Dean’s signature, to the Admissions and Records Office to enroll in the challenged class.

2.        Students will be notified within five (5) instructional days regarding the outcome of the challenge.  If the challenge is upheld, the student may remain in the course.  (If filed after the first day of classes or if the class is filled, students will be eligible to enroll in the class the following semester.)  If the challenge is not upheld, the student will be dropped.



PREREQUISITE:            “Prerequisite” means a condition of enrollment that a student must meet in order to register in a course or educational program.  (CCR T.5  §55201)


COREQUISITE:              Corequisite” means a condition of enrollment consisting of a course that a student is required to take simultaneously in order to enroll in another course. (CCR T.5  §55201)


ADVISORY:             “Advisory on recommended preparation” means a condition of enrollment that a student is advised, but not required, to meet before or in conjunction with enrollment in a course or educational program. (CCR T.5  §55201)



All prerequisite courses are listed after course descriptions in this schedule.  If you met this requirement at another college, you must see a counselor immediately to obtain a Prerequisite Clearance form.  Unofficial or Official transcripts must be provided.  If you wish to challenge a prerequisite, please see above for Prerequisite Challenge Procedures.