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Add/Drop Classes

As of the first day of the class, regardless of whether the class is open or closed, you must get permission from the instructor by obtaining an Express Add Code.  The 4-digit add code works only with our PAWS for Students online registration system.  The add codes have expiration dates, so register immediately. 

There are computers available to use in the Building B Lobby area that are available for your usage.  Enrollment Ambassadors are also available to assist you in the registration add/drop process.

Full semester-length courses may not be added after the published add/registration deadline of Saturday of the first week of the semester, except for classes that meet once (1) per week. The deadline to add these types of courses is Friday of the 2nd week of the semester.

Classes may be added with an Express Add Code up until the 2nd class meeting. 
Adds will not be accepted after this deadline.

Summer session course may not be added after the published add/registration deadline which can be found in the schedule of classes and the Student Summer Session Calendar.

Dropping is not an automatic process.  Students who are not present at the first class meeting may be dropped by the instructor as a "no show".  However, it is the student's responsibility to drop any classes in which he/she is not planning to attend. Failure to do so may result in an "F" grade. Students may drop a class by using PAWS for Students or by ASAP* Telephone Registration 755-6755.

Add and drop dates are published in the Schedule of Classes and are available on the Student Semester Calendar.