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How to request a Hartnell Transcript

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts may be obtained by using PAWS for Students. This free service is available for students who attended Hartnell College from 2002 to the present. Transcripts will not be released until all financial obligations to the College are cleared.

Official Transcript Requests

Upon written request, two official transcripts of record, bearing the seal of  the Hartnell College and signature of the Director of Admissions and Records,  will be mailed without charge. Additional copies are $6.00 each, payable at the time of the request. Transcripts will not be released  until all financial obligations to the College are cleared. 

The official transcript includes courses taken at Hartnell College and if transcripts from other colleges have been previously evaluated and accepted for credit at Hartnell, the Advanced Standing transfer coursework will show. However, official transcripts from those other colleges must be requested directly from those institutions.

Transcript requests are usually processed within a minimum of seven working days or less and may take up to 15 working days at the end of the semester.

Rush Service: Rush Service is available for an additional $12.00 fee per  transcript. Students who designate their desire for Rush Service may have their  transcripts processed within one working day of receipt of the request. We do  not offer an overnight mail delivery service. We use regular U.S. mail service  only. 

Rush Service is only available from the 3rd through the 18th week of  each semester. No Rush Service is available from the last day of the semester  through the 2nd week of the next term. 

Hartnell College Transcripts Request

To request your transcript by mail download and print out the online Transcript Request Form, fill it out and if paying with a credit card, please download and print the credit card authorization form. Be sure to complete both forms and mail to:

Hartnell College
Admissions & Records Office
411 Central Avenue
Salinas CA 93901

To request your transcript by fax send both forms to:

(831) 759-6014

No transcripts will be issued/released for student pickup without all of the following being met:
Photo I.D.
Signature or written release from student
Fees paid, if necessary.