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Agriculture Production

Students in classroom in the Agriculture Production program The Agriculture Production major (pdf) focuses on the basic concepts as they relate to vegetable and fruit management and production in California and the Central Coast region. Production of fresh vegetables and fruits exceeds $3.5 billion yearly in Monterey County alone. The suppliers of goods and services to producers of vegetables and fruits is also an important part of the agriculture industry. Because of the selection of course offerings, a broad range of occupational choices is available to the student. These include positions in production, federal, state and county government units, agricultural pest control advisors and certified applicators, and farm and ranch management. The core curriculum is designed to provide students with an understanding of the basic functions of agriculture production operations and the application of theory and practice to the vegetable produce industry. The electives allow the student to design a curriculum that is aligned with the student's educational and career goals.

Students in classroom in the Agriculture Production program One of the goals of the Agriculture Production major is to prepare students for one of the baccalaureate majors such as crop production, plant science or pest management. Courses required in the program are designed to be transferable to fulfill the lower division major requirements in three different four-year colleges. Since major requirements vary widely from college to college, not all courses are articulated to all three transfer programs. Students from Hartnell's agriculture production program have transferred successfully to CSU Fresno, Chico, and Cal Poly. The major electives offer flexibility, and students can tailor their elective choice to fit the major requirements of the chosen transfer institution. In addition, the lower division general education courses provide a foundation for upper division work.