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Agricultural Business & Technology Institute

Available Scholarships

The Ag Business and Technology Institute will award up to thirty scholarships
at $1,000 each to incoming students majoring in:
Current Offerings:
  • Ag Business
  • Ag Production
  • Diesel Technology
  • Welding Technology
  •      Coming in Spring 2010:
  • Ag & Industrial Technology(planned for Fall 2010)
  • Food Safety
  • Pest Management (planned for Fall 2010)

  • Guidelines for scholarships for incoming Agriculture students:

    Student eligibility:
    1. Prospective students must be eligible to enter Hartnell College as a full-time student.
    2. Scholarships are available to students planning to major in any of the areas of study under the Agricul-tural Business and Technology Institute, which includes Agriculture Business, Agriculture Production, Ag & Industrial Technology, Diesel Technology, Food Safety, Pest Management or Welding Technology.
    3. Students awarded scholarships in this program must enroll in a minimum of 9 units and register in at least one class each semester in the selected major area of agriculture.
    4. Students should have a cumulative GPA in their high school of 2.7 or higher.
    5. Students awarded scholarship must continue to maintain enrollment in at least one of the major courses for duration of the period in which the scholarship is awarded.
    6. Students must meet with the agriculture counselor or faculty member at least once each semester to develop and update his or her education plan.

    Application procedure:

    1. Students should be recommended by a current or previous teacher, counselor, or other appropriate school employee for the scholarship.
    2. Students must apply by completing a Hartnell scholarship application for incoming students which includes writing a personal statement.
    3. Applications are due on May 12, 2010.

    Selection criteria:

    1. All applications will be reviewed and selections made by the Agricultural Business and Technology Institute Scholarship Selection Committee.
    2. Scholarship will be awarded based on the student’s career objective, educational goals, and motivation to complete the chosen program.

    Questions: Neil Ledford, Program Leader, at (831) 755-6941 or nledford@hartnell.edu
    Cristina Westfall, Administrative Assistant, at (831) 755-6879 or cwestfall@.