Astronomy 1L Field Trip Status for October 11th:

The Field Trip is On!!!


Even though it is cloudy right now, it will be clear tonight for observing so the people at Fremont Peak have decided to go ahead with the field trip!


Make sure to bring:

* Flashlight with red cellophane

* Lab Module 1, pencil, and notepad

* Warm clothes

* $6.00 for parking

* Planisphere for fun


For the Friday afternoon lab class and Ms. Buck’s night lab class should be there by 7:30pm…which means leave Salinas by 6:15pm.

For the Monday afternoon and night lab classes, be there by 8:30pm…which means leave Salinas by 7:15pm.


Check the website for directions:


Please be respectful, drive slowly and carefully (no tailgating up the mountain), don’t litter, don’t bring alcohol, but do bring your enthusiasm for Astronomy!  See you there!