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Hartnell College Women's  Basketball

Student Bio for Vanessa Pinson

Vanessa Pinson
Height:   5 foot 8
Weight:   N/A
Major:   Kinesiology
Hometown:   Salinas, California
High School:   North Salinas High School
Position:   Guard / Forward
Birth Place:   Salinas, California
Biography:   I am 18 years old. I am a very strong individual and I am a team player. I love to help other people and am not a quitter. I have two siblings, Justin and Mariah. My role model is my grandmother.
Hobbies:   Hanging out with friends, shopping, go hiking, spending time with my family, working out and just give great advice.
Favorite Movies:   Inception and The Cat in the Hat
Favorite Athletes:   Blake Griffin, Brittney Griner
Favorite Foods:   Bread, pasta, and homemade vanilla ice cream
Parents:   Elia Pinson
Darren Pinson