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Student Bio for Melbourie Muyco

Melbourie Muyco
Height:   5 foot 2
Weight:   N/A
Major:   Software Engineering and Business
Hometown:   Manila, Philippines
High School:   North Salinas High School
Position:   Point Guard
Birth Place:   Manila, Philippines
Biography:   I have a large family. I am the oldest and only girl of five siblings. My family and I migrated to the United States when I was eight years old. Basketball is my great escape and a way to make new friends. I am very shy and quiet at first but I do tend to talk and laugh a lot. Like a great quote, "Life must be lived as play." -Plato
Hobbies:   Hanging out with family and friends, listening and making music, programming, laughing, cooking, traveling, playing basketball, learning new things, and having a blast is a must.
Favorite Movies:   Pitch Perfect, White Chicks, Limitless, Inception, Despicable Me, and anything that is interesting and can make me really laugh is my type of movie.
Favorite Athletes:   Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Colin Kaepernick, Manny Pacquino, Steve Nash, Derek Fisher, Steven Curry, and Nate Robinson
Favorite Foods:   I love pasta, cheese, and anything "yummy to my tummy."
Parents:   Elvie and Gilbert Muyco
Albert T.