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Hartnell College Women's  Basketball

Student Bio for Victoria "Tori" Perez

Height:   5 foot 9
Weight:   N/A
Major:   General Education
Hometown:   Salinas, California
High School:   Salinas High School
Position:   Guard / Forward
Birth Place:   Salinas, California
Biography:   I have two brothers and I am the middle child. I have been playing basketball since the age of eleven. My favorite sport was baseball and I played since the age of three. Once I discovered basketball, I realized what I was missing out on.
Hobbies:   Making popcorn, baking, hiking, riding my bike, candles, visiting San Francisco, firefighting. Long romantic walks on the beach. ;)
Favorite Movies:   Now And Then, and Love and Basketball
Favorite Athletes:   Diana Taruasi, and the Miller twins
Favorite Foods:   Mac 'n' Cheese, popcorn, twinkies, and collard greens.
Parents:   Maria Perez
Ruben Perez