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Hartnell College Women's  Basketball

Student Bio for Analicia Adams

Analicia Adams
Height:   5 foot 5
Weight:   N/A
Major:   Criminal Justice
Hometown:   Salinas, CA
High School:   Alexander Hamilton High School
Position:   Guard / Forward
Birth Place:   Monterey, CA
Biography:   Born in Monterey, California, raised by my parents. A sister to ten siblings. Have been playing basketball for many years as well as volleyball and softball. Attended West Lost Angeles College and played volleyball. I am studying the criminal field so that one day I can become a probation officer for young adults. I want to help them better themselves and help open doors they have locked because no one is able to help them. I am a very caring person and love helping people.
Hobbies:   Hanging out with my family and friends. Dancing. Watching Movies. Pick up games. Laughing and enjoying life.
Favorite Movies:   Friday's, TAken, Love & Basketball.
Favorite Athletes:   Kobe, Jordan, Barry Bonds, Michael Turner, Ronald Turner
Favorite Foods:   Cheez-its, Fruit.
Parents:   Elena Turner
Ronald Turner