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Student Bio for Isabella De Leon

Isabella De Leon
Height:   5 foot 5
Weight:   N/A
Major:   Undecided
Hometown:   Santa MAria, CAlifornia
High School:   Everett Alvarez High School
Position:   Guard
Birth Place:   Santa Maria, California
Biography:   I am 18 years old with a large family and enjoy spending time with them. I have been told that I am energetic. i enjoy spending time with others, laughing an ddoing something active. My goal as a freshman is to transfer out of here after two years, hopefully on a scholarship of some sort.
Hobbies:   Reading, writing, listening to music, cooking, learning new things, sports, playing chess and socializing.
Favorite Movies:   Love & Basketball, Sandlot, Dark Knight Trilogy, Hunger Games
Favorite Athletes:   Dwight Howards, Ichirc Suzuki
Favorite Foods:   Chicken Picota, Baked Ziti
Parents:   Robert De Leon
Rosa De Leon