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Student Bio for Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson
Height:   5 foot 4
Weight:   N/A
Major:   Vocal Performance Music Major
Hometown:   Salinas, CA.
High School:   Salinas High School
Position:   Red Shirt
Birth Place:   Salinas, CA.
Biography:   I am currently 20 years old and grew up in Salinas. I have three brothers (Craig, Daniel, and Ezekiel) and three sisters (Shaila, Colorissa, Tiarah). I plan to transfer out to a four year and graduate as a vocal performance music major. With my degree I plan to become a professional vocalist and potentially teach music. I've participated in the Monterey Jazz Festival for two years, toured in Kansas, Missouri and Japan. I've also participated in lots of CCS, Regional and all state honor choirs, the Blues Festival, and the Carmel Beach Festival.
Hobbies:   Hiking, singing, reading books, watching the history channel, swimming, hanging with friends, church, and playing with my dogs!
Favorite Movies:   August Rush, Ice Age, Phantom of the Opera
Favorite Foods:   Sushi, Japanese Foods, Italian Foods, Soup and fruit salads
Parent:   Yesenia Scott