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Hartnell College Women's  Volleyball

Student Bio for Joanna Wilcomb

Joanna Wilcomb
Height:   5 foot 11
Weight:   N/A
Major:   Teaching
Hometown:   Soledad, California
High School:   Soledad High School
Position:   Middle Blocker
Birth Place:   Kodiak, Alaska
Biography:   I live with my 3 sisters, two adorable dogs as well as my wonderful parents!
Hobbies:   Car dancing, eating, texting, hanging out with my friends and family, singing and rapping with Daisy and Vickie
Favorite Movies:   Burlesque, The Notebook, The Little Mermaid, Pizza, too many more..
Favorite Athletes:   The Bench Warmers
Favorite Foods:   Popsicles
Parents:   Olivia Wilcomb
John Wilcomb