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Student Bio for Mackenzie Nelson

Mackenzie Nelson
Height:   5 foot 2
Weight:   N/A
Major:   Speech Pathology
Hometown:   Salinas, CA.
High School:   North Salinas High School
Position:   Libero
Birth Place:   Monterey Bay, CA.
Biography:   I have an older sister, Sam(24) who is currently in the Navy. I also have a younger brother, Drew (18) who is currently attending Dominican University. My future goal is to continue playing volleyball while majoring in speech therapy. I would like to work in a school district and have the opportunity to work with elementary kids. I also hope to get married and travel the world!
Hobbies:   Reading, spending time with my family & friends, watching movies, shopping, sleeping, playing basketball softball and of course Volleyball!
Favorite Movies:   Friday Night Lights, Olympus Has Fallen
Favorite Athletes:   Nalli Gomez #10
Favorite Foods:   Cinnamon rolls, fruits
Parents:   Kathleen Nelson
Willy Nelson