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SIMA (Students Interested In Medicine Association)

Club meetings are held every Friday at 1:30PM in Merrill 3 on the Hartnell Main Campus.

SIMA has the following goals:

- Support and motivate its members and to build a positive attitude towards the study of medicine.
- Promote medical knowledge by inviting doctors and other guest speakers to Hartnell College to speak about medicine.
- Improve its members Medical College Administration Test (MCAT) scores by giving practice tests on campus.
- Participate in, attend, and sponsor motivational activities throughout the year, such as

  • Medical conferences/workshops
  • Community service
  • MCAT preparation/practice tests
  • Fundraisers
  • Surgical observations
  • Medical guest speakers
  • Doctor shadowing
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Viewing autopsies

President: Ana Ibarra - anagtejed@yahoo.com

Vice-President: Ana Hernandez - ana.g.hernandez16@gmail.com

Secretary: Adriana Landeros - adrianalanderos@student.hartnell.edu

Treasurer: Leonel Zagal - leonel_zagal@yahoo.com

Advisors- Drs. Alex Edens and Jeff Hughey

Useful Links- Medical Schools

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Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Information

MCAT Preparation Services

The WikiPremed MCAT Course

Kaplan Course

Princeton Review Course

Exam Krackers Course

Suggestions or comments address to jhughey@hartnell.edu