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Board Policies

D. Conflict of Interest

1300 District Conflict of Interest Code
Place and Time of Filing

A. All designated persons (employees and Board Members) required to submit a statement of economic interests shall file the original with the Office of Human Resources and Staff Diversity.

B. Statements for all designated persons will be retained by the College. All statements will be kept on file in the Office of Human Resources and Staff Diversity.

C. All new and current persons appointed, promoted, or transferred to designated positions shall file statements of economic interests 30 days after assuming office. Every designated employee who leaves office shall file, within 30 days of leaving office, a statement disclosing reportable investments, interests in real property, and income held at any time during the period between the closing date of the last statement required to be filed and the date of leaving office.

D. Annual statements shall be filed by all designated persons with a due date by April 1. Such statements shall cover the period of the preceding year or since the date the person took office if during the calendar year.

E. A designated person required to file a statement of economic interest with any other agency, which is within the same territorial jurisdiction, may comply with the provisions of this Code by filing a duplicate copy of the statement filed with the other agency, in lieu of an entirely separate document.

Contents of Disclosure Statements:
Disclosure Statements shall be made on forms supplied by the State of California and distributed by the Office of Human Resources and Staff Diversity. All designated employees and members of the Board of Trustees shall annually receive each spring semester:

1. Current year FORM 730 Manual
2. Current year FORM 730
3. Hartnell College Conflict of Interest Code

Government Code 87100 et seq. & 87300 et seq.
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 1300; originally adopted 10-20-81)
(Interim Revision 1-22-82, Adopted 2-2-82)
Adopted: 10-1-85
Revised and Adopted: 1-5-88, 1-2-90, 7-2-91, 7-1-96, 12-06-05