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1445 Hazardous Materials Communications Policy
It is the policy of Hartnell College to maintain a safe and healthful environment for employees, students and the public. The College will establish a Hazardous Materials Communications Program. Under the direction of the Vice President Administrative Services and the guidance of the Hartnell College Safety Committee, the Hazardous Materials Communications Program shall:

1. review all chemicals or materials received by the College for hazardous properties.

2. provide instruction for employees and students on the safe handling of all such materials.

3. provide proper disposal methods for hazardous materials.

The Superintendent/President or designee has established procedures for the implementation of this policy. The procedures are located in the office of the Vice President Administrative Services.

Labor Code 6360 et seq., 6400 et seq. (Hazardous Substances Information and Training Act), Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Section 5194
Revised and Adopted: 11-3-92; 4-4-95