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2010 Classified Employees - Shared Governance

Pursuant to Title 5 Section 51023.5 of the California Code of Regulations, the Governing Board shall adopt policies and procedures that provide District and College classified staff the opportunity to participate effectively in District and College governance.  It is the intent of this policy to include classified employees in the formulation and development of District and College policies and procedure.  Except in unforeseen emergency situations, the Governing Board shall not take action on matters significantly affecting staff until it has provided the staff the opportunity to participate.

The implementation of this policy shall not serve to dominate or interfere with the formation or administration of employee organizations or with the exercise of collective bargaining rights guaranteed by Government Code Sections 3540, et seq.

California Education Code 70901.2 enacted in 2002 provides that the exclusive representatives of classified employees have the statutory and sole right to appoint those who will represent the members of their respective bargaining units whenever a classified employee is to serve on a college or district task force, committee, or other governance group.

On July 12, 1994, the Governing Board officially recognized the Hartnell College Classified Senate. The Classified Senate shall be the representative body for all non-management, non-supervisory classified personnel and will be given the opportunity to select representatives to serve on College and District governance groups.  These representatives shall not represent interests of the members of any bargaining unit.

If the employer consults with other organizations of classified employees, including the Classified Senate, on matters outside the scope of bargaining, the same offer of consultation shall be provided to the exclusive representatives.

Reference:    California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 51023.5
                     California Education Code, Section 70901.2
                     Government Code Section 3540 (EERA)

Adopted: 6-6-95
Revised and Adopted: 4-6-98; 3-4-08;