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Board Policies

2200 Budget Preparation

Each year the Superintendent/President or designee shall prepare a proposed budget which will delineate anticipated income and expenses for the coming fiscal year. Sufficient detailed data to permit comparison between the current and proposed budgets will be submitted.

The following criteria shall be used by the Superintendent/President in preparing the proposed budget:

a) It shall reflect the best possible distribution of available funds.

b) It shall be balanced, although items considered to be essential which are not included should be listed for Governing Board consideration.

c) It shall provide for a reserve for contingencies.

The Superintendent/President, by February of each year, will present to the Governing Board a schedule of significant dates involving the study and adoption of the budget.

Education Code 70901 (12) Title 5, California Code of Regulations, sections 58300 et seq.
Adopted: Revised and renumbered 10-1-85
Revised and adopted: 1-2-90, 7-2-91, 4-4-95, 1-06-06