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Board Policies

2225 Gifts or Donations to the District

It is the policy of the Governing Board that gifts, donations, and bequests from private funding sources for the benefit of Hartnell College, be given or transferred to the Hartnell College Foundation.

District employees who solicit gifts or donations for District programs or activities shall request donors to make the gifts or donations directly to the Hartnell College Foundation, which shall consign or transfer the gift or donation to the District for distribution to the appropriate department, program, or activity in an expeditious manner.  This shall also include all in-kind donations.

When donors request a tax identification number for purposes of acknowledgment and tax credit, the Hartnell College Foundation tax identification number shall be provided the donor.  The gift or donation shall be given, or made payable, directly to the Foundation. 

The Governing Board and/or the Hartnell College Foundation reserve the right to refuse to accept any gift which does not contribute toward the achievement of the goals of the District and/or the Hartnell College Foundation, or the ownership of which would tend to deplete the resources of the District or the Hartnell College Foundation.

The District and/or the Hartnell College Foundation shall not assume any responsibility for appraising the value of gifts.

In no case shall acceptance and acknowledgment of a gift be considered an endorsement by the District or the Hartnell College Foundation of a commercial product or business enterprise or institution of learning.  The Foundation Office has established procedures for the implementationof this policy.  The procedures are located in the Office of Advancement.

Education Code 72205
(Formerly Governing Board Policy 2435; adopted 2-2-82)
Adopted: Revised and Renumbered 10-1-85
Revised and Renumbered: 1-2-90
Revised and Adopted: 4-4-95
Revised and Adopted: 7-6-00, 12-06-05 (office name change); 11-04-08