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2305 Naming of Hartnell Community College District Buildings and/or Other Facilities

The Governing Board retains authority to name Hartnell College buildings and facilities. This includes all buildings, major areas of buildings, streets and roads, sports facilities, areas of major assembly or activity, malls, large areas of campus circulation, and other highly visible property and facilities. The Board delegates to the Superintendent/President the authority to name individual rooms, limited areas, individual items or features within buildings, and individual items or features within buildings, and individual landscape items or areas. The Superintendent/President may sub-delegate this authority.

Each proposal naming a District facility or property shall be considered on its own merits, and Board approval is necessary.

When a gift is involved, a name for a District facility or property must meet one or more of the following criteria:
1. Designate a major building or facility;

2. Designate an instructional program or activity located in a particular property or facility;

3. Reflect natural or geographical features or a traditional theme, or;

4. Honor an individual.
When a gift is involved, the Board will consider the significance and amount of the gift as it relates to the planned facility or its enhancement. A gift shall be considered significant when it funds the total cost of the facility or funds a portion of the total cost which would not be funded from other sources.

In special situations, the Board may consider recommendation for naming buildings or facilities other than in terms of function, use or name of a person.

When a gift is not involved, the Board may name the property or facility any designation appropriate under this policy. If a personís name is used, that person must meet following criteria:
1. Achieved unique distinction in higher education or other significant areas of public service; or

2. Served the District in an academic capacity and/or has earned a reputation as a scholar, or made extraordinary contributions to the Hartnell Community College District warranting special recognition; or

3. Served the District in an administrative capacity and/or made extraordinary contributions to the District warranting special recognition;

4. In sub-sections 2 and 3 above, a proposal shall not be considered unless the individual resigned, retired or died at least one year prior to the proposal.
The Superintendent/President shall receive suggestions for naming buildings and facilities and shall develop procedures for implementing this policy.

Formerly Governing Board Policy 6216 (Adopted 3-7-72), revised and renumbered as Governing Board Policy 2910 (Adopted 11-17-81)
Adopted: Revised and renumbered 10-1-85
Revised and Adopted: 4-6-98, 3-6-01