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Board Policies

3010 Readmission of Academically Dismissed College Students

A student who has been academically dismissed from Hartnell College will not be readmitted to the college for at least one full semester.  The student may then be readmitted only if the student's total record, including the work completed while in and out of school, shows promise of ability and interest in college level achievement and if the student has developed an educational plan with a counselor to remediate deficiencies.

The administration has established a readmission procedure to assure that such information, and adequate time to evaluate it, is available in order to determine whether readmission should be granted.

Hartnell College respects the dismissal of students by other accredited colleges and universities and therefore will not admit such students for at least one semester.  Following that time, a person will be considered for admission providing he/she has met all of the requirements of admission for new students and the conditions stipulated in this policy, particularly, promise of ability and interest in college level achievement and development of an educational plan with a counselor to correct past deficiencies in academic achievement.

An applicant who has not been academically dismissed from another college or university, but whose academic record shows that he/she would have been academically dismissed at Hartnell College, will not be admitted for at least one semester.

When an exception to this policy would clearly be in the best interest of the student, the Administration may consider and grant such an exemption.

The Superintendent/President has established procedures for the implementation of this policy.  The procedures are located in the Office of the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

Reference:  Education Code, Section 70902 (b) (3)
Adopted:  10-1-85
Revised and Adopted:  1-2-90, 4-4-95, 7-1-96, 2-3-09