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Board Policies

5500 Employment
The Superintendent/President is authorized to employ short-term and substitute employees as required.

Neither short-term nor substitute employees are members of the classified service unless employed for 75% or more of an academic year. Neither category is eligible for benefits except upon approval of the Superintendent/President.

"Short-term employee" means any person hired to perform services, upon the completion of which, the service required or similar services will not be extended or needed on a continuing basis.

"Substitute employee" means any person employed to replace any classified employee who is temporarily absent from duty. It also means a person employed to fill a vacancy during the process of hiring a permanent employee, in which case the substitute employee shall be employed for not more than 60 calendar days unless a collective bargaining agreement provides for a different period of time.

Short-term and substitute employees, although not members of the classified service, are subject to the following:

a. TB testing if their work involves frequent and prolonged contact with students;

b. termination upon conviction of a sex offense or upon determination as a sexual psychopath.

Education Code Section 88003, 88006
Adopted: 10-1-85
Revised and Adopted: 4-4-95, 4-6-98, 9-16-02 , 4-1-03