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Board Policies

5800 Contract Proposals - Public Notices
All initial proposals of collective bargaining units and the District shall be presented at a public meeting of the Governing Board. Reasonable time shall be given the public to respond and comment on the respective proposals at a subsequent public meeting.

District proposals shall be developed by staff and approved by the Governing Board prior to presentation to affected bargaining units and presentation to the public.

Only after the opportunity for public comment has been provided may collective bargaining commence. When new subjects are proposed by collective bargaining units or by the District, they shall be publicized within 24 hours as provided by Government Code, Section 3547(d).

The Superintendent/President or his/her designee shall establish procedures for public notice and presentation of collective bargaining proposals. These procedures are located in the Office of the Superintendent/President.

Government Code 3547
Revised and Adopted: 1-5-88, 4-4-95, 9-8-97, 4-6-98, 9-16-02 , 4-1-03