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Applications Process

Review the Admissions Agreement (English) (Spanish) and save a copy for your own records.

Review the Documentation and Determination of Family Size (English) (Spanish). You may need to submit proof of who is in your family, along with your application packet. For example, other children in the household or someone on the birth certificate who is not living in the home.

The Application Packet contains the following forms:

Application for Enrollment Form (English) (Spanish)

Consent Form (English) (Spanish)

Eligibility Verification Notice (English) (Spanish)

Emergency and Identification Information (English) (Spanish)

Pre-Admission Health History (English) (Spanish)

Parent Rights (English) (Spanish) (keep a copy for yourself)

Personal Rights (English) (Spanish) (keep a copy for yourself)

Privacy Notice and Consent (English) (Spanish)

Proof of Income must be submitted for us to determine your child's eligibility for Free Preschool Services. Please read Countable Income Sources (English) (Spanish) to determine if you have any income from categories that must be reported. Also, please read Proof of Income Definitions (English) (Spanish) so you will know what proof you will need to submit. If the Income is derived from employment or self-employment, complete the Release for Independent Employment Verification or Self Employment (English) (Spanish) (one form for each adult in the household who meet the listed conditions) Complete the top section for each adult in the household with an Employer. Complete the bottom section for each adult in the household who is Self-Employed.

If income is from another source, such as scholarship, CalWorks, or Child Support, attach a copy of proof of receipt for the most recent month's period, when submitting your application packet. If you have no way to prove your income complete the Self Certification of Income (English) (Spanish) (only complete this if you do not have a way to verify the income of any adult in the household)

Physician's Report (English) (Spanish) - complete the top section then submit to your child's physician to complete and sign form. You will have 60 days to submit this form. All children should have this form on file before the first day of school). A copy of the birth certificate and yellow immunization card (front and back) needs to be submitted with your completed packet. Make sure proof of the chicken pox vaccine or verification of having had the illness is recorded on the immunization card.

Enrollment Completion checklist (English) (Spanish) - use this as a review to make sure you have your entire packet completed and attach to the front of the packet before submitting.