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Assignment to a "Class Community"

A "class community" is a group of children assigned to a primary teacher. Child assignment is based on factors such as chronological age and primary language, so that children develop a secure bond with their "community" teacher. The commuity teacher is a first or second year intern holding a preschool teacher credential.

This teacher is responsible to plan activities to best meet the individual needs and developmental levels of the children in their group. The community teacher is also responsible for having the best understanding of the development of each child assigned to them. Therefore, this teacher is primarily responsible for completing each child's portfolio and developmental profile and for conferences and communications with the parents of these children. These teacher interns are under the supervision of a master teacher.

Children begin and end each sessionwith a community meeting with their primary teacher. The beginning community meeting activities include greeting, checking-in, planning for the day, discussions, and sharing stories and songs. The ending community meeting activities include saying goodbye, checking out, recalling the day's activities, discussions, sharing stories and songs, and celebrating special situations, such as birthdays.