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Parents Handbook

Ways we celebrate…

Children’s birthdays are acknowledged during the closing family time with a predictable Child Development Center tradition (Birthday crown, candle, and song). Food is not a part of our Birthday Celebrations.

We do not participate in the commercial aspects of holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. In honoring the diversity of our families and the rich traditions important to each, we invite you to share your “special” cultural traditions with the children.

Other Celebrations
  • Celebrations are calm, planned with children, and meaningful; building a sense of community. Excitement does not equate to enjoyment!
  • Celebrations reflect the cultural traditions of our families and they are encouraged to participate. If you have any concern about particular celebrations conflicting with your family values, please discuss your concerns with the teaching staff.
  • Our celebrations and ceremonies help children understand the joy of giving and the positive impact of their contribution on other people and the environment.
  • This program does not include religious instruction or worship.