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Parents Handbook

Coming to school
  • Regular attendance is important. Children build trust and continuity when they can "predict" their school schedule.

  • Arriving during the 10 minute greeting time is essential to children feeling accepted and comfortable in transitioning to the school environment.

Signing In
  • Upon arrival the adult dropping off a child must enter their 4 digit PIN on the keypad in the lobby near the classroom door.

  • Note: Accurate daily attendance print-outs are critical during an emergency evacuation! Therefore, a nominal $1.00 fee will be charged if a child is not properly signed in/out after an inital grace period.

Signing Out
  • The parent or other authorized adult picking up a child must enter their 4 digit PIN on the keypad before entering the classroom.
  • Note: Unauthorized adults will not be permitted to pick-up until the parent has given written consent and assigned a PIN number. Keep consent lists up-to-date at all times!