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Parents Handbook

Guidance and Support

Children are given support and guidance to take steps toward responsible self-control and self-regulation. Children are given appropriate assistance to solve their own disputes and decide when they are cold, wet, or hungry, and how to remedy the situation. Children are guided to see the relationship between choices and consequences.

Physical and Psychological Punishment

No physical punishment, humiliation, bribery, denial of food or bathroom use, or time-out practices are used. They do not aid the child in developing self-control and self-regulation. All forms of corporal and psychological punishment are forbidden by law.

Behavior Plans

If a child is unable to consistently maintain self-control when reminded, supported, and encouraged, a parent conference will be held to develop a behavior plan. Strategies will be discussed and agreed upon so that the child will receive consistent support at all times. Families may be required to arrange for family or child counseling.


Staff will intervene if a child violates one of the three classroom rules, i.e. no hurting yourself; others (people or animals); or destroying the environment. Out-of-control children will be gently, yet firmly restrained. If they need either physical or emotional support, an in-control adult will help them re-establish their own calm, rational selves.

Expressing Anger

Children are encouraged to express angry feelings using words, facial expressions, and body language. All feeling are respected. We teach children to listen to the expression of anger from others, and encourage that child to respond with his or her own feelings.

Suspension and Expulsion

Children will be sent home for the day if they are endangering themselves or others, and the teaching staff find the child is unresponsive to their interventions. In extreme cases, where a child is a threat to his or her own safety (or the safety of others) and sending them home for the day is ineffective, the child may be expelled.