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Parents Handbook

Please Wear:
  • Comfortable, sturdy, washable clothing
  • Canvas shoes, water shoes, or other types that can withstand paint, mud and water play
  • Elastic-waist pants or shorts
  • Sweatshirts and/or T-Shirts
  • Easy-to-clean sweater or jacket your child can get in and out of, without assistance

Donít Wear:
  • Overalls or button/snap pants with belts
  • Long dresses or clothing with lots of buttons
  • Special occasion or expensive clothing
  • Slippery-soled shoes, such as cowboy boots and party shoes
  • Clothing depicting cartoon characters or superheroes

Keeping Track...
  • Label every item of clothing you want returned
  • Send a change of clothing in a ziploc bag with your childís name on it. Wet, messy clothing will be returned in the same bag
  • Check your childís cubby and the coat hooks throughout the center on a daily basis