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Parents Handbook

Snack Preparation

A food preparation experience using a recipe card is offered to each child daily as a work-time activity. Children prepare their own snack, which they eat at the dining table with friends. Children are not forced to participate, however, are given an opportunity to prepare a snack at the end of work- time if they have not yet participated.

Food From Home

Please share your family and cultural recipes with the teachers.
Any foods from home must be eaten before your child enters the center. Eating is never permitted in the lobby. Candy and gum is not allowed.

Menu and Food Selection

The monthly menu is posted on the Parent Information Board for your review. Please alert us to any food allergies or religious or cultural restrictions your child may have. Refined sugars and processed foods are kept to a minimum and fresh fruits, vegetables and grains are emphasized.


Reimbursement is provided for a portion of food costs by the USDA Child Care Food Program. All families, regardless of income, must complete a Food Program Application at the time of enrollment.